Faith Community Educational Institute



Faith Community Educational Institute provides a non-traditional setting for those who have failed to complete their high school education and supply the basic teaching that will allow the former drop out to complete and receive an accredited high school diploma.    This will provide the following:

  1. an increase in self esteem
  2. an avenue for better employment
  3. an opportunity to obtain a more formal education

The program is an endeavor to teach basic foundational principles—reading (comprehension), writing, math, science, and history (to included black history). It is the intent to provide the student/s with quality skills which will permit achievement in the workplace as well as in future educational efforts.  The program is 20 weeks and class day is four hours once a week.  Students are informed that in order to be successful in this program, a great deal of reading/studying outside of the classroom is mandatory.  Students are encouraged to obtain outside tutoring if they are not able to maintain at least a C (70%) average before midterm.  An entrance exam is given the class begins for the purpose of determining the skill level of the individual student. 

The adult education program is accredited through Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/26-1) and credits earned are transferable to other institutions of learning.